Power to Change


"When the Thunderbirds came to roost there were no trees. So instead they used stones and made their nests atop the highest places. In this way they were out of sight and safe from the serpents lurking below." 

Your wellness matters. And being well requires the power to change. People sometimes think the work I do is shamanism. It's shamanic in nature, but it's not called shamanism. It's called Thunderbird Medicine. 

In KitchiZibi (Great River) Algonquin Territory, we don't have shamans. Our equivalent is called a Thunderbird: A medicine or holy man. Yet the type of work we do is similar in nature. We work with manitous (spirits) to help you remove emotional negativity - the serpents - from your life.

Thunderbird Medicine is about working with positive manitous to help empower you spiritually. The natural medicine for a "low like a snake" emotional state is a "high like a bird" spiritual state. If a person doesn't have a spiritual state of being, then it's important to find it and use it.

Otherwise nothing changes. 

Thunderbird Medicine ways can help you to change for the better. Your own spiritual state is used to help balance your emotional state. In this way you learn how to stabilize yourself in the middle. These ways teach you to see, accept, embrace and regularly utilize the positive power of the "Great Bird" you already have within you - your very own spirit. 

At one time I had to find and learn how to use Thunderbird Medicine myself; to help me heal emotionally so I could be well in life. My own journey is how I became experienced at helping others use it today. 

I'm a keeper of KitchiZibi Thunderbird Medicine ways. As such I'm a counsellor, a teacher and a storyteller. I help people learn how to use Thunderbird Medicine to improve their well-being. My job is simply to help you create wellness by using the power of your very own spirit.

That's what Thunderbird Medicine is really all about.