Tim Yearington Public Speaker and Teacher


Kwey! My name is Tim Yearington. I am a KitchiZibi knowledge keeper. In Algonquin, KitchiZibi means 'Great River'. I teach people how to use traditional KitchiZibi Knowledge to improve their personal well-being. As a descendant of the KitchiZibirini - Great River People - the teachings I share are from my ancestors who've been here since the last ice age.


The KitchiZibi is my ancestral territory from Mattawa to Ottawa Canada. Today the KitchiZibi is known as the Ottawa River Valley. In our way of knowing, this is where our 'Good Medicine' began from just four things; the Sun (fire), the Rock (earth), the River (water) and the Sky (air). As these four elements mixed, the Spirit of Life was created. Thunderbirds carried this in the form of electrical power. When their lightning arrows struck the Great Water the first spirits to emerge were little snakes. In time the snakes saw they were the embodiment of lightning in physical form; the Spirit of Life itself. Medicine men called 'ginebig-inini' learned to embrace this lightning and the electrical power of the Thunderbirds. 

As a knowledge keeper & teacher, I'm asked to speak at public events, gatherings and professional conferences. I go to high schools, colleges, universities, churches, organizations and government agencies. I also provide storytelling sessions to share traditional KitchiZibi knowledge. The themes I passionately present and speak about the most are:

Turtle Island

Medicine Walks

Native Spirituality

The Medicine Wheel

Seven Grandfathers

Thunderbird Teachings

Ancestors and Manitous

Medicine Men and Shamans

Traditional Algonquin Legends

KitchiZibi Indigenous Knowledge

The aim of my talks and presentations is to bring attention to the value of KitchiZibi knowledge, teachings and medicine ways. This wisdom can help our current society learn to how explore and embrace Indigenous perspectives and solutions. Traditional knowledge helps us be conscious and considerate of the reality that, "We're all Native to the Earth." My talks explain how the good medicine of Native teachings can help us to understand who we truly are so we can learn and grow wiser together.