Thunderbird Mountain

Thunderbird Mountain is located in the Madawaska Highlands of Eastern Ontario. It is a very ancient "place of power" in Algonquin territory. Rising four hundred metres above sea level, the top of Thunderbird Mountain is a traditional sacred site called a thunderbird nestAs a seasoned Métis guide I offer tours, spirit walks, hikes and snowshoe journeys up to the mountain's scenic crest.

As a thunderbird (a bird shaman) myself, I share traditional stories and teachings to enlighten people about thunderbird knowledge and the spiritual purpose of the thunderbird nest. I reveal the sacred nature of mysterious stone features atop the mountain including very large boulders that directly align with the stars of the Cygnus (Northern Cross) constellation also called the Great Bird. I teach people about thunderbird medicine ways and introduce ancient bird shamanism practices. A tour to the top with me is truly a fun, healthy and very inspirational adventure!

Thunderbird Mountain is a spectacular place with an awesome view at all times of the year. Just being present at the top is really good medicine to experience! To arrange your personal tour, please contact me directly for dates and fees.

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