Tim Yearington Thunderbird Matters

Awareness Mission

         Learning with Grey Thunderbird

"When the first thunderbirds came to Earth there were no trees. All they found was stone. So, they used what they had. In their talons they picked up big stones and carried them high into the hills to build their great stone nests. And from within their nests they could see their whole, entire sacred world around them."  

It's not typically known but in Algonquin territory a thunderbird  was seen as a medicine or holy person - essentially a shaman. 

My spirit name is"Grey Thunderbird". I am a storyteller/teacher. As a thunderbird/shaman I aim to enlighten and educate others to understand that thunderbird teachings are for empowerment, personal change, healing and growth. My awareness mission is to help people realize how thunderbird medicine truly matters.

Thunderbirds used remote places of power outside on the land. Here they practiced old thunderbird medicine with the guidance of spirits to help people. But Christianity nearly eliminated all of our ancient thunderbird ways. Luckily with the aid of ancestors these teachings are coming back full circle to assist us in life. 


Through storytelling, talks and shamanism courses you'll learn to appreciate thunderbird teachings. You'll learn the powerful thunderbird knowledge, practices and ceremonies I first had to learn how to use myself upon my own trail in life. You'll learn to embrace "The Great Bird" within yourself. You'll experience the benefits of owning the thunder and lightning within you - the power of your spirit - for experiential learning, spiritual healing, restored balance, happiness and overall well being in your life.

For more information please contact me with any questions.