Shamanism On The Land

I am an Algonquin-M├ętis "thunderbird". A human thunderbird is a traditional "bird shaman". As a spiritual helper to people, my shaman role is to help you learn how to work consciously with the spirits of nature - all around us - to help you gain balance on your healing journey and have well-being.

The four-season, outdoor shamanism journeys I bring people upon are  for personal healing, enlightenment and empowerment. Through my rock-solid base of traditional knowledge and skills as a working shaman, you'll learn ancient human shamanic practices, medicine ways, ceremonies, legends and  teachings and stories. You will learn about the Sacred Fire, the Four Directions, Animal Manitous (spirits) and how to connect with it all with a drum or shaker and the shamanic journey. Best of all, you will learn how to use these ways and tools so you can apply them to your own world in a practical manner to heal your life.  

With me you will learn about the thunderbirds and the ancient bird shamanism practice of the thunderbird nest (a shaman's sacred space), the sweat lodge and the spiritual vision quest for life guidance. I will bring you to the top of Bird Mountain (and other sacred sites too) to help you see the importance of reconnecting with the spirits of nature so you will know the critical importance of connecting to your own. With me you will learn ancient shamanic human healing ways connected to the earth and sky and everything sacred in between.

Long ago our human ancestors taught us that personal well-being is attained by living in intentional harmony with Mother Earth and the wise spirits of the land; the four elements, stones, trees, plants, animals, birds, our relatives and all the wonderful "good medicine" encompassed by the Four Directions we all have equal access to as people because, "We're ALL Native to the Earth."

As a thunderbird - a bird shaman - my shamanism work is all done outdoors; solo with individuals, with couples and/or small groups. For Bird Mountain journeys it's good to have an average level of health and fitness to participate. My introductory shamanism teachings and healing work is done, outside, with you at my home. During Covid-19 social distancing is totally respected.

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