Healing Practices

Traditional shamanism practices and healing ceremonies really work. They work because they're real. Those scary monsters we carry around inside us are real too. So we need to face them and fix them in order to heal them.

Sometimes those monsters can get really big: Pain. Trauma. Fear. Doubt. Worry. Anger. Anxiety. Stress. Sadness. Shame. Guilt. Traditional bird shamanism can help to remove those painful, emotional monsters that fester inside, eat away at us and try to consume our human spirit. I know because I've been there. I've had to face and heal my own monsters too and it was real, rock solid, traditional bird shamanism that helped me the most.

The best medicine to remedy our emotional monsters are our own personal beliefs. Our deep down, core, root beliefs. But if our beliefs are bad, broken and negative, well, those ill beliefs have to go. So the actual healing work of shamanism is to replace our old, broken, ill beliefs with newer, better, improved, positive beliefs. To do this nature becomes our helper and our medicine. The "Spirits of Nature" assist us with our broken beliefs and we begin to change for the better. Soon we begin to shapeshift. We transform ourselves, our lives, and our reality. We improve our very own world.

To assist you with your healing I am simply a helper; a supportive, hybrid bridge between the harmonic, "spiritual worldview" of bird shamanism and the modern day, "material thinking" of human consciousness. The healing practices and ceremonies I provide are rooted in ancient human bird shamanism teachings, authentic traditional knowledge and Metis-Algonquin thunderbird medicine ways.

Outdoors I directly involve you in traditional healing practices from the sweat lodge to the thunderbird nest and even the vision quest. In this way your personal healing journey happens and you begin to get better. You transform. You attain well-being and you carry on! My bird shamanism work is done with individuals, couples and small groups. My fees are determined by what you specifically require assistance with whether it's for your own personal healing or for learning. I provide these traditional shamanism practices and healing ways:

Thunderbird NestsThrough ancient "bird shamanism" you will learn how to transform at a thunderbird nest outside in nature. Face the real "monster" of your own human ego and learn how to shapeshift. Harness the "Great Bird" within you - and the electrical "power" of your inner spirit - so you can use it change your life. The positive, spiritual power attained at a thunderbird nest is used to direct you upon your personal path of learning, healing and growth.

Bird Shamanism - Doing personal healing work outside among the rocks, plants, trees, animals and spirits of nature is the best way to heal through traditional shamanism and the practices of this very ancient, human spiritual path. The medicine you will gain will help you to improve your reality and life.

Spirit Journeys - With the aid of a drum, I will help you connect to animal and ancestor spirits as benevolent, practical and personal guides. I will guide you on a shamanic "spirit flight" and journey to the different levels of the spirit world. 

The Medicine Wheel - Learn the important, foundational teachings of the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel Way of Life. Learn how to make a medicine wheel and how to use it as a personal "compass" to help guide your healing.

Personal Spirit Names - There is medicine in a spirit name. Receive your own personal spirit name to help you realize the greater dimension of your true self as you progress upon your spiritual path to personal well-being in your life.

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies - Personal cleansing and spiritual guidance happens in a sweat lodge. Release negative emotions, old beliefs, personal toxins and deep traumas while allowing for the presence of your new, empowered spirit.

Vision Quest - Complete a very spiritual vision quest outside in the wilderness with the assistance of a seasoned thunderbird/bird shaman. Receive personal life guidance and answers directly from the spirits of all the directions around you.  

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