Thunderbird Mountain Tours

Thunderbird Mountain is situated in the Madawaska Highlands of Eastern Ontario, Canada. 

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My name is Tim Yearington and I am a seasoned M├ętis wilderness guide. My unique tours are rich, wilderness adventure experiences. All year long I offer personally guided hikes, medicine walks and winter treks up the very trail I created myself to the spectacular summit of Thunderbird Mountain. 

Thunderbird Mountain is located in the picturesque Madawaska Highlands of Eastern Ontario. The panoramic view at the top of the mountain is incredible! This rocky crest is a traditional sacred site called a thunderbird nest which is considered to be a natural and mysterious "place of power" upon Mother Earth. My tours bring you to see the thunderbird nest and other ancient stone features that exist up here.

Atop Thunderbird Mountain we explore these mysterious stone features: The great circular stone thunderbird nest - one hundred metres in diameter - that is guarded by a massive stone serpent; large stones in direct alignment with the seasonal solstices and equinoxes; and huge boulders on the ground that are a mirror image of the star constellation in the sky called, "The Great Bird".

Thunderbird Mountain was likely utilized as a ceremonial site by prehistoric human "bird shamans" who practiced animism and shamanism. Over time these bird shamans were called "thunderbirds" - a term still used today by some Indigenous people to refer to one who is a shaman. The spiritual ways of thunderbird shamans are connected cross-culturally to the circumpolar practices of shamanism that originated in northern Siberia and Eurasia in ancient times yet still exist today. For example in Finland the name "Ukkoslintu" means "Thunderbird" and the word "kokkolintu" means "giant eagle". 

On my tours I tell shaman stories and I share thunderbird knowledge and teachings. I enlighten people about the role of the human "thunderbird" as a shaman. I explain the nature of the stone thunderbird nest still used today for spirit flights, vision quests and medicine work. Here I practice thunderbird shamanism myself and I teach it to people who are interested in learning.

Thunderbird Mountain is a spectacular place with an awesome view all times of the year. Nature is truly the best medicine! A journey with me to the top is a rewarding, inspirational, exciting and healthy outdoor experience! To arrange your personal tour please contact me directly for dates and fees.

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