Shamanism Rocks!

In Algonquin territory a shaman was known as a thunderbird. A shaman's place of power is considered a thunderbird nest.

"When the thunderbirds first came to earth there weren't any trees. So they used big rocks and made great stone nests in the mountains. From their nests they could see their whole, entire world all around them."

Atop rocky high places, shamans build stone thunderbird nests to seek visions and to practice their spiritual work. Christianity nearly eliminated our ancient thunderbird practices. But today's thunderbirds aim to teach, enlighten and empower people by training others how to utilize old shamanism in everyday life.  

Is learning traditional shamanism of interest to you? Perhaps you too were born to be a shaman but never had a chance to learn how to bring shamanism into your life? Well, now you do!

As a thunderbird/shaman my role is to help people learn how to practice shamanism. You will learn the old knowledge, teachings and practices I've learned to embrace and utilize in my own life. As you advance you will gain the experience and confidence to apply shamanism directly to your life and obtain positive results.

Thunderbird shamans are taught to share their feathers. These feathers take the form of traditional knowledge, shamanic ways and teachings. As such, "thunderbird feathers" are intended to enlighten and empower people. You'll become skilled at working with the spirits - including your own - for critical counsel to help improve your world. We are the creators of our earthly reality.

Bird Mountain in the Madawaska Highlands is a place of power where I bring people to learn all about the thunderbird nest and the ways of old shamanism. Going to this thunderbird nest is an exciting and powerful way to gain practical knowledge on your journey into the mysterious world of bird shamanism.

For more information please contact me with any questions.