Tim Yearington School of the Thunderbird Nest

Legendary Learning With A Shaman

           Thunderbird Nest Teachings

"When the first thunderbirds came to Earth there were no trees. All they found was stone. So, they used what they had. In their talons they picked up big rocks and carried them up to the high places where they built great stone nests. And from their nests they saw the whole, entire sacred world was all around them."  

A long time ago in Algonquin territory a thunderbird  was seen essentially as a shaman - a spiritual guide to help people learn. Thunderbirds did healing work atop high places on the Earth.

Thunderbirds used nests - places of vision - in the wilderness. Here they practiced "thunderbird medicine" with the assistance of the spirits to guide people. Christianity nearly eliminated our thunderbirds. But thunderbirds have now come back to guide us again by teaching the wise, earthly spirituality of our ancestors. 

My spirit name is Grey Thunderbird.  I'm a shaman and teacher. I aim to enlighten people to see that the thunderbird teachings can aid us all with personal healing, growth and empowerment. These teachings also work to give us clarity, hope and vision for a better world. As a guide I bring you on an Earthwalk - out on the land - to thunderbird nests in the wilderness. It's here you'll learn thunderbird "medicine ways" to help you on your journey. 


With me you'll learn how to use the thunderbird nest teachings, practices and ways I first had to learn how to embrace and use upon myself - on my own journey. You'll learn to use the good medicine of the natural thunder and lightning within you - the power of your own spirit - to bring healing, balance, happiness, personal peace and overall well being back into your world.

For more information please contact me with any questions.