Kitchizibi Métis Worldview

"It was seen that during the time of the Seventh Fire a 'New People' will emerge.

And they will seek to find what their ancestors left beside the trail for them."

Anishinaabeg Prophecy of The Seven Fires -

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As a Kitchizibi (Great River/Ottawa River) Métis-Algonquin person I am a supportive, hybrid bridge between traditional Métis-Algonquin Worldview and modern Eurocentric consciousness. In my helping role I am a generous knowledge keeper, educator and guide. I enlighten people about thunderbird teachings, medicine ways, practices and ceremonies. My work empowers people upon the Path of Life. I help people attain balance and better well-being through the use of traditional medicine teachings for emotional transformation, spiritual evolution, personal guidance, inner growth and healing. My seasoned work - including virtual presentations - is all rooted upon a solid foundation of authentic Kitchizibi Métis-Algonquin medicine ways, practices and teachings such as:

 Great River Voyage

Good Medicine Trail

The Thunderbird Nest

Thunderbird Teachings

Medicine Wheel Way of Life

Seven Grandfather Teachings

Human Compass/Four Directions  

Sweat Lodge Building & Ceremonies

Medicine Journeys on Land & Water

Traditional Stories, Myths, Legends

Sacred Fire Keeping Teachings

Powagan/Pipe Ceremonies 

Manitous/Animal Spirits

 Vision Quests in Nature

Drum & Striker Making

Old Ones & Ancestors

Great Bird Sky Pole

I am a traditionally trained, skilled and seasoned knowledge keeper and educator with teachings to share for the ultimate purpose of helping people to learn more and attain better well-being. I proactively employ Métis-Algonquin "good medicine" ways to help you know your personal lightning and thunder; your own inner power. As a guide upon your learning journey I help you utilize the power of the "Great Bird" within you - your own spirit. 

I can bring you out on the land to thunderbird nest sites where we'll access the realm of the Thunderbird, animal manitous and ancestor spirits. On my guided medicine walks you'll learn about the ancient, human spiritual practice of the vision quest to attain guidance and answers for your life. Within the sweat lodge you'll experience an alternative spiritual world that can give you personal power for healing and positive life transformation.

During our current Covid-19 pandemic my educational work is mostly done by virtual presentations.  Once we return to normal, my teachings are given traditionally outside on the land. I work with individuals, couples or small groups. During the pandemic social distancing is respected. Please contact me for more information.

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