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As a traditional Métis guide I am a Métis Wisdom carrier, storyteller, teacher and spiritual helper. I love bringing people out into the wilderness to the top of Thunderbird Mountain. It's up here I share traditional knowledge about the thunderbirds as ancient bird shamans and even about the wild, shapeshifting legends of the Loup Garou - the mythical werewolf!  

In addition to guiding Thunderbird Mountain Tours I also guide personal medicine work journeys with people. I practice the traditional bird shaman ways I have learned and the ceremonies I carry. I conduct sweat lodges and I assist with spiritual vision quests at thunderbird nests out in the wilderness. 

Here you will learn how to embrace the natural lightning and thunder within you - the power of your own spirit - to create balance, well-being, happiness and peace in your life. Healing is a journey. From my own journey I came to know that well-being is best accomplished when we follow the wisdom and guidance of traditional teachings.

My goal as your guide is to enlighten and empower you. I help you gain personal power to transform your being. I can also assist you by removing those toxic serpents - negative emotions and ill beliefs - to improve your reality. I teach you how to shed your old, restrictive skin so you will shapeshift and change for the better. 

For more information please Contact me with your questions.