Guided Vision Quests

As a Métis-Algonquin guide I teach you Algonquin spiritual knowledge to help you attain vision, personal empowerment and positive change in life. Outdoors on the land you'll learn authentic Algonquin worldview, traditional teachings and thunderbird medicine ways. I bring you to thunderbird nest sites in Algonquin territory where you'll learn the sacred practice of the vision quest. The vision quest is an ancient human activity that helps seekers connect to Ancestors for answers and to the Spirits of Nature for guidance. With me as your guide you'll learn how to do a vision quest and also how to bring the vision you see directly into your life in a practical manner to improve your earthly reality. 

I am a traditional thunderbird man - essentially a bird shamanI am not a therapist or counsellor. I am a practicing thunderbird/shaman who carries much traditional Algonquin knowledge that is naturally utilized for the purpose of human well-being. I employ thunderbird medicine ways that will aid you to know your own lightning and thunder; your inner personal spiritual power. You learn. You grow. You heal. You change. And you create your life for the better.

As a guide and teacher upon your learning journey, my role is simply to help you see, own and utilize the great, natural power within you - your very spirit. Together we work with the Spirits of Nature to help you gain vision and well-being. By employing the traditional techniques and practices I use in my own life, I teach you how to work consciously with the foundational knowledge of the Four Directions to create balance in your world. You'll learn to embrace the Sacred Fire, your own Four Directions and the nature of animal manitous/spirits. We will do medicine work and ceremonies at sacred sites in nature. One such site in Ontario is at the thunderbird nest atop Bird Mountain in Algonquin Territory.

As a thunderbird/shaman my human nature healing work is all done outdoors. I do medicine work with individuals, couples or small groups. It's good to have an average level of health and fitness to participate. Introductory medicine work is done at my healing lodge. During the pandemic social distancing is respected. Please contact me for more information.

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